Union. Always. Sticker

Union. Always. Sticker

Union. Always. Sticker

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Union. Always.

Ninety-five years ago, unionised workers from every state and industry came together to create a single voice for working people: the Australian Council of Trade Unions.
Since we formed, working people in unions have won some of the most fundamental workplace struggles in Australia’s history: annual leave, work safety laws, Medicare, superannuation, paid parental leave, Jobkeeper and more.

Solidarity is at the core of our movement, and we know that there is strength in numbers. 

That's why we're pleased to make this Union. Always. sticker. 

It's 100% made in Australia by 100% unionised workers. 

These stickers are available in blue, orange, black; and come in two size options: small (180 x 55mm) and large (300 x 80mm).