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Gear for unionists

The Australian Unions Shop is for union members, supporters and activists who want to wear their values on their sleeve - literally. 

We sell gear for unionists that is made with the care, consideration and craft that only comes from unionised Australian workers. It's made to be worn, used, loved by people just like you. 

Gear made in Australia not only means we're supporting decent, local, unionised jobs. It means Australian Unions can look at the entire supply chain - from the cotton we use to the ink in printers, and how we mail out your t-shirt or facemask to your door. It means that our gear is more sustainable, rather than criss-crossing the globe.

We may not be the cheapest, but everything we do is informed by our values. Union values.

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Invest in gear that matches your union values

While many clothing brands outsourced their textile manufacturing overseas, Australia still has a strong and vibrant local, unionised industry. 

If you share our belief that we should invest in local workers, Australian innovation and the quality that comes through secure unionised jobs, then we invite you to check out our range. 

All of the gear at the Australian Unions Shop is 100% made in Australia by unionised workers. 

Limited batches, unique designs

All of Australian Unions Gear is made in limited batches. That means after we sell out, we may never print these designs again. 

Australian-made, union-made, ethical clothing

Apparel on this site is produced in Australia by an ethical clothing manufacturer.

Australian Madeethical clothing


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