70s Union Union Union T-Shirt

70s Union Union Union T-Shirt

70s Union Union Union T-Shirt

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Union pride but make it groovy.

Our new 70s-inspired tees are as subtle as bell bottoms and as vibrant as the union movement. Roller skate your way to the ice cream van for a choc-coated soft serve, happy in the knowledge that your tee is 100% Australian-made and union made.

We’ve spent nearly a year working with our Australian manufacturer to make sure this tee ticks every box. It looks great, feels great and does great things for working people.

Your purchase is powerful.

Your purchase isn’t just securing you a great piece of merchandise, it’s also helping create jobs that are local, secure and union. That’s a win-win!

All proceeds from the sale will go towards our campaigns to support workers’ rights.


• 100% Australian made and union made
• Made with 100% cotton
• Made to last with Australian-made precision, care and craft

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