Australia Needs a Pay Rise Bumper Sticker

Australia Needs a Pay Rise Bumper Sticker

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Wages are falling behind, it is time for work laws to keep up.

Unemployment is low, productivity is up, corporate profits and executive bonuses have sky rocketed. But real wages in the past decade have gone backwards.

Our Australia Needs a Pay Rise campaign sticker features our prominent campaign logo, and all proceeds from the sale of this sticker will go towards our campaign to win updated, modern laws that will allow workers to get wages moving again.

This strictly limited tee is 100% Australian-made and union made. There are just 200 stickers printed for this campaign.

Your purchase is powerful.

Your purchase isn’t just securing you a great campaign sticker, it’s also helping create jobs that are local, secure and union. That’s a win-win!

All proceeds from the sale will go towards our campaign to win improved, modern laws that will enable workers to win decent wage increases. Find out more here.


• Only 200 stickers printed - strictly limited edition
• All proceeds support the Australia Needs a Pay Rise campaign
• 100% Australian-made and union-made
• Size 215mm x 80mm
• Printed in Australia and 100% Australian-made 

Note: final product may vary from images.