The 8-Hour Day Hoodie

The 8-Hour Day Hoodie

The 8-Hour Day Hoodie

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Winter is the perfect time to celebrate the advent of the 8 hour day (now actually 7.6hrs), and a balanced working week, where you get overtime, penalty rates and other benefits – fought for and won by Australian Unions workers.

8 hours of work, 8 hours rest and 8 hours of recreation.

Australian union members were the ones who started the fight for the eight-hour workday. It wasn’t easy and it wasn’t quick, but they did it. And now you can spend your union-won weekend nice and warm.

So celebrate our hard-earned rest and recreation, by cosying up in this snuggly 888 hoodie.

It’s thick and warm, fleece lined, zip fronted, with kangaroo pockets at the front (and who doesn’t love pockets?), this lux black hoodie will keep you toasty through a chilly winter.

On the front you can find our ‘888 • 8 HOURS REST • 8 HOUR WORK • 8 HOURS RECREATION’ design printed in white.

As always, this garment is 100% Australian and union made.

All proceeds from the sale of these hoodies will go towards our campaigns to support workers' rights.

• Premium black poly cotton fleece

• Kangaroo pockets at front

• Zip front
• Warm 240gsm thick
• Fleece lined

• Overstitch detail
• Poly cotton sports+ lined hood
• Ribbed sleeves and waist

• Printed design on the front
• Solidarity tag stitched into base
• Unisex (so you can ‘borrow’ from friends or family)

• Made to last with Australian-made precision, care and craft

• Accredited by Ethical Clothing Australia

• 100% Australian made and union made

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