LIMITED EDITION Tie-Dyed ‘We’re For Workers’ Face Mask

LIMITED EDITION Tie-Dyed ‘We’re For Workers’ Face Mask

LIMITED EDITION Tie-Dyed ‘We’re For Workers’ Face Mask

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Are you looking for a colourful way to show your support for working people this summer? Check out our brand new tie-dye face mask. 

Inspired by Beth, the tie-dye artist behind our incredible new hand-died t-shirts, these face masks are the great way to keep safe while looking great

Like many workers, Beth has been put out of work through COVID-19. Artists, graphic designers and entertainers across the country have lost work throughout COVID-19, and because of that the country is less colourful than it was before. 

Australian Unions have partnered with Beth to produce these brilliant, bright, tie-dyed Face Masks to bring a bit of colour to your summer. 

We're only making 100 of these masks, so get in quick to make sure you don’t miss out.   

“We are all at home hanging in trackies, wearing comfortable bright colours at home is lifting the mood a little… All shirts are unique and you never know how one will look - that’s why it’s so exciting… I’ve always liked tie dye as it lends itself to being relaxed and calm.”

What you need to know: 

⦿ Complies with Victorian Government DHHS guidelines
⦿ Standard 3-ply cotton polyester blend
⦿ Re-useable and machine washable
⦿ Helps reduce spread of germs
⦿ 100% made in Australia by unionised workers. Read about these unionised textile workers here.

Important Information 

⦿ Not for use by healthcare workers 
⦿ Must not replace N95 masks
⦿ How to wash your re-usable mask

Artists are just some of the hidden heroes of this pandemic. With this purchase your money is supporting jobs for artists, manufacturing workers, logistics staff and delivery workers. Your purchase is making a huge difference, which makes you a hidden hero too.

Please Note:

Our face masks are not guaranteed to prevent the transmission of viruses or diseases, including COVID-19.

They are intended for general, non-medical, purposes and not intended for use by health care professionals as medical grade personal protective equipment. In circumstances where medical grade personal protective equipment is recommended, you should consult a health care professional. They intended for use by adults only.

Please remember that use of face masks is not intended to replace other recommended measures to stop the community spread of COVID-19, such as social distancing, washing your hands and refraining from touching your face. 

Follow the latest advice of the health authorities and your own health care professionals as to how best to keep yourself safe.