Better Together Tee

Better Together Tee

Better Together Tee

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Who run the world? Us.

We all do our bit to make the world run - from making food, to serving coffees, to transporting all matter of everything about, to making calls, building, growing, caring, healing, entertaining, and more. And we're at our best when we join forces and make moves to construct a better society for everyone. 

Buying this shirt helps us build union campaigns throughout the year that can do just that.

There are only 100 of these shirts available so don't hesitate!

With a unique and powerful design that highlights all of the elements that makes a good unionist, these shirts are sure to sell out soon.

Australian-made, union-made, Ethical Clothing Australia approved. 


• 100% Australian made and union made
• Made with 100% cotton
• Choose from unisex (non-fitted) or fitted/women's cut 
• Made to last with Australian-made precision, care and craft

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