Solidarity Forever Tee

Solidarity Forever Tee

Solidarity Forever Tee

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Because you know that solidarity isn't just a word -- it's forever. 

Solidarity helps to create a sense of unity and collective action among workers. This is especially important in Australian, where workers often face challenges such as low wages, job insecurity, and unsafe working conditions. By standing together and supporting one another, working people are more effective in advocating for their rights and improving the working conditions of everyone.

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Look great and feel good doing it. Our shirts support Australia’s textile industry and are ethically made. Each t-shirt is made with Australian-grown cotton and is manufactured by a unionised textile worker, based in Australia. That means more local, secure union jobs.

All proceeds from the sale of these t-shirts will go towards our campaign to protect workers' rights.


• 100% Australian made and union made
• Made with 100% cotton
• Choose from unisex (non-fitted) or fitted/women's cut.
• Pick your normal size 
• Made to last with Australian-made precision, care and craft

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